Email Subscriber Not Receiving Notifications/Messages

User has subscribed to list but is not receiving email messages.

Please click here to download an illustrated version of this guide (PDF).


1. Navigate to your account dashboard by clicking the ezTask logo in the top left-hand corner.

2. On the top navigation bar, click the “Email” tab and choose “Reports”.

3. A list of all sent email messages will appear. Check box next to the email you are investigating, and then click “View Report”.

4. From this screen you can analyze various aspects of your campaign; everything from opens and bounce information to stats regarding recipient’s devices and click rate.

5. To find out whether the selected email was sent to a given email address, click on “Queued” or “Sent” and browse the list of recipients. If recipient in question does not appear on this list, the problem is either: 1) he/she subscribed to the list but did not verify request (confirmation email), 2) he/she has not subscribed to the list.


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