How do I build a table?

The table-maker built into the ezEditor is a very useful function. You can drag your mouse across the 8 x 8 grid and quickly create a table. If you need more than 8 rows or 8 columns, click on the Table Wizard button and add as many rows or columns as you need.


In Internet Explorer, when you place your cursor on the edge of the table the cursor will change from an arrow to a 'weather vane.' Left click and it will select the whole table and you can set the properties of the table. For the width you can type in a number and it will fix the width of the table at that number of pixels. Most people find it easier to use percentages, for example 100%, and that will set the width of the table to cover the entire width of the Content Zone.

In some browsers (for example, Firefox) you click somewhere inside the table and then on the left at the bottom of the ezEditor you will see the word "Table." Click that and it will select the whole table so that you can set the Properties.


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