How do I upload an image into my content area?

Click on the Image Manager.


From here you can upload new pictures and manipulate them (resize, crop, rotate, etc.). Select the folder in which you wish to store the new image. To upload, click on the Upload icon at the top of the Image Manager. Click "Select" to browse your hard drive for an image. Click on the image file and click Open. To add multiple images click Add and create more file path fields. When you have selected all the images you want to upload, click Upload.

To place an image on the web page, select the image and click on the Open icon or double click the


To manipulate an image click on it to highlight it, and click on Image Editor.

    1. Opacity - you can make the image lighter or darker by moving the slide bar horizontally (only works with GIF files).
    2. Resize - move the slide bar (either one) to make the image close to the size you want. If you need to size the height or width to a specific number of pixels, get it close with the slide bar and then use the left/right arrows to resize it a pixel at a time. If you need to resize the height or width alone, uncheck the "Constrain Proportions" check box.
    3. Flip - Click a radio button to flip the image horizontally, vertically or both.
    4. Rotate - Click a radio button to rotate the image 90*, 180* or 270*.
    5. Crop - to crop the image, click on Enable Crop. Change the default pixel width and height and drag the red crop box to the part of the image you wish to save.
    6. Restore Image - will undo everything you have done and restore the image to its original size and configuration.
    7. Save As - you can rename the image and thus keep the original file as well as the new one.
    8. Save - when you have finished cropping, resizing, flipping, etc., click Save and the new image file will be created.



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