How do I change page attributes?

The Attributes of your Section let you specify the rotation or expiration of the Content Areas in that Section. First select the rotation behavior. Your content can rotate Randomly, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. Then select which Content Areas to include within the rotation.


You can also set your Content Areas to appear and/or expire on specified dates. Select the Content Area by Number. Each Content Area in the Content Editor is numbered. Then set the appearance and/or expiration date for the information. That Content Area will NOT display until the appearance date and/or NOT be displayed after the expiration date.

A good way to keep your content fresh and up-to-date is to utilize the Rotation or Appearance/Expiration options. Remember you may have an unlimited number of Content Areas within a Section. Build numerous Content Areas and have them rotate all or a set number of Areas within a Section. Another good way to manage timely data is using the Behavior attribute with Expiration dates. Populate a Content Area with Calendar like news and automatically have it appear for display as the news becomes timely or expire from display as the news becomes old and out-dated.


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