How do I create links?

In addition to creating links using the Hyperlink Manager in the ezEditor, you can quickly make links in a Content Area using the three link making fields to the right of the Story field.

Links can be added to the:

  • Image
  • Headline
  • Tagline

Enter a URL or address for any of these Content Area fields and netStartEnterprise will automatically code the item as a 'hot link' to the address you entered.

Creating Links from the Content Areas
To link your Image, Headline, or Tagline to another file or Web Page enter the web address after the "http://" in the Link field. For instance, if you are linking to another domain you would enter, www., the entire text would then read "http:// www.". To enter a link to a local file, image, or document select "FILE" just above each Link field. This will bring up the File Manager. Select the Web Page, Document, or Image you wish to link to and then select the "Link to..." option under your selection. Your selection will fill in the Link field.


You can also delete the default http:// to type in an IP address, or add an "s" for a https:// link to a secure server, or replace the http:// with "mailto:" and type in an email address. To have your Link open in a new window check the "Open this link in a new window" option under each link.

For images, you can also select "Create Rollover" which will cause the image on the web page to fade a bit when someone rolls their mouse over the image, giving your web pages an additional professional spiffiness.


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