How do I setup a form?

Use the Form Builder template to create online forms. Forms are a powerful way of gathering information from your visitors. You can use Forms to host surveys, give tests, have membership enrollment, and much more. The netStartEnterprise Form Builder allows for multiple types of fields and you can have as many fields as you care to define.

Form Setup
Form Setup allows you to specify an email recipient(s) of the form results, to add a Confirmation Message, to redirect the submitter to another web page and to enable the SPAM Protection option. Select Form Setup from the Form Builder options. A pop-up window will appear.


Email Results
The Form Builder allows you to specify the recipient of the form results. Enter an email address or multiple email addresses separated by semicolons. netStartEnterprise will automatically send the results to that email address.

Confirmation Message
The Form Builder allows you to create a Confirmation Message. The Confirmation Message sends the user a message that the form has been sent. This is a good place to thank the user for filling out your form!

Redirect the Submitter
By default, when someone fills out the form and clicks "Submit," he or she sees the Confirmation Message. After the submitter clicks OK, the form re-sets with the form fields empty once again. With the Redirection option you can enter a URL and when your web visitor clicks "Submit" he or she will be directed to that web page.

SPAM Protection
By clicking the SPAM Protection check box, a code validator (commonly called a "capcha") will appear at the end of your form just above the Submit button. The submitter must type in the letters and numbers displayed in the Code Validator in order to be able to submit the form. Your web visitor will see two options to the right of the code validator, one will refresh the code if it is too difficult to read, the other will read the code aloud to your visitor if they have speakers connected to their computer.

Click "Apply" to save your Form Setup or "Cancel" to quit without saving.


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