How do I build a site map page?

The ezNavigator is an automated site map builder that runs from the links you build in your ezMenu Builder(s). You set it up to display a certain way and then occasionally adjust the display after adding a certain number of new pages/links.

Create a page using the Site Map Template. Select your site map page to edit the page. Under Web Page Name, select your primary navigation zone. If you are using more than one navigation zone in your netStartEnterprise web site (Quicklinks, etc.) click on the 'Add a web page to the ezNavigator' under "Action" on the right.


When you have all of the navigation zones you wish to add to your site map, click on Nav Settings.


From this pop up you can set the number of columns that your page names will be displayed in, the number of lines per column, whether or not to break the columns at Section Headings or not, whether to show descriptions or not, and whether or not to alphabetize the results.

If you select 'Yes' for 'Break columns at section headings?' then more lines per column may appear than you have designated. If you select 'No' then exactly that number of lines will display per column. If you choose 'Yes' on 'Show descriptions?' then any Alt tags you applied to your menu items in the navigation will display on your site map.


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