How do I create a new user?

The netStartEnterprise Account Manager is the administrative window for your Web Pages. In the Account Manager you may create, modify, or delete users, apply permissions for individual or group users, as well as specify which users (or groups of users) have access to which Web Pages.


1. Account Information
To create a new user account begin by completing the fields for Account Information. Select the Account Type 'Standard,' 'Administrator' or 'Power User'. Users with administrator accounts are automatically given admin privileges and can add, modify, or delete other users. Username, password, and confirm password are required fields and must be completed.

2. Permissions
Once you have completed the Account Information for a new user you must assign permissions for the user. These permissions define if a user can add, edit, copy, publish, or remove Web Pages. Simply check the appropriate box to grant that permission to the new user.

If you manage a large group of individual’s accounts it may be useful to administer the permissions through the use of Group Accounts.

3. Available/Assigned Web Pages
You can specify or assign which pages your user can manage and edit. Select from the Available Web Pages list and move each desired page to the Assigned Web Pages list by clicking on the directional arrow. The selected Web Page will move to the assigned list. After assigning available pages, click Save Changes.


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