How do I modify an existing user?

Select a User
To modify a User Account select 'Modify an Existing User Account' from the drop-down menu of the Account Manager.


The Locate a User Account window will appear. Select the user to modify and click 'Apply' to select or 'Cancel' to exit without selecting.


Selecting the User Account will bring that user account information into the Account Manager for editing.
You can change or modify:

  1. Account Information
  2. Permissions
  3. Assigned Web

Make your modifications and select 'Save Changes' from the Account Manager options to apply the changes. When you have selected a User you will see the User's Account ID below the Email Address field.

Delete a User
You can delete the selected user by clicking on the 'Delete User' from the Account Manager options. You will be prompted to verify the deletion before the user is finally dropped from the Account Manager. You can continue to delete users by selecting each from the Search option of the Account Manager.


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