How do I manage master meta tags?

Managing Meta Tags allows you to optimize your ability to have your web site be found by the major search engines.


1. Page Title
The page title that you enter here will be found at the top of all web browsers when the page is viewed. If you want or need individual page titles for all of your web pages, they must be entered under Page Setup on each individual page.

2. Description
The description that you enter will be featured in whole or in part when a Search Engine returns a successful search for your web site.

3. Keywords
Keywords are meant to be indexed by Search Engine "spiders," automated programs that search the World Wide Web looking for new web sites. Keywords can help a person searching the web to find your web page and web site.

4. Other
In the Other field you can add “well formed” JavaScript required to run in the “Head” section of a web page(s).


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