How do I Manage Main Menus?

In netStartClass v4.0, the main menus (typically found in the top portions of a website) are managed through the Administrator account. These permissions can be passed on to Campus Administrator accounts if desired.

Whether your web site employs a horizontal navigation dropping down from the top or a vertical navigation popping out from the side the interface will be the same.

To access the Campus and Teacher main menus, select the Project Manager in the upper left of the Account Manager.

You will see a list of all of the Administrator pages. You will notice that each of the page names is followed by a number. This number corresponds to the campus the page is a part of.  The campus number can be found in the Campus Information section of the Account Manager.  The Campus main menus will use a name like campus_topmenu and the Teacher main menus will use a name like teacher_topmenu.


Edit the Navigation Menu
You will see your main menu items to the far left of the ezMenu Manager interface.


To edit a main menu item, click the first of the four icons on the right ("Edit Menu Item"). In the Add/Modify Menu Item pop-up you can type in a new name for the navigation button where it says "Enter Menu Text." If this button is going to lead your web site visitor to an external web site, type or paste the URL into the field called "Enter a URL." If this menu item is going to link to a web page, document or image within your web site, click the Folder icon to the right of the Enter a URL field.


You may type in a user-friendly Alt Tag in the field called "Enter an Alt Tag". If you would like this link to open in a new browser when someone clicks it, choose "Open in New Window" from the drop-down called "Select a Target," otherwise leave that alone. Then click "Apply."

The next three icons on the right are to "Add Menu Item after this Item," "Add Menu Item before this Item" and "Add sub-menu item."

In the case of a horizontal navigation menu, "after" means to the right, "before" means to the left and "sub-menu item" means it will drop down from the main menu item. Adding a sub-menu item under a sub-menu item, the new navigation button will pop out to the side.

In the case of a vertical navigation menu, "after" means below, "before" means above and "sub-menu item" means it will pop out (from the side) from the main menu item. Adding a sub-menu item under a sub-menu item, the new navigation button will pop out further to the side.


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