How do I Modify a Campus?

To modify a campus in your netStartClass v4.0 project, select the Campus Information option from the Account Manager drop-down.


You will notice your site’s current list of schools from the Campus Selection drop-down. 

Selecting one of the campus names from this list will allow you to make changes to that campus. You will have the ability to edit the campus name or delete the campus as well as add, modify, or delete Grade/Department information. You can add as many Grades or Departments as you would like.


To modify a Campus or Department name, select the edit icon to the right of either the Campus or Grade/Department.  When you are done with your modification, select the save icon to save your change.


To add a new Grade/Department, simply enter the name of the grade or department within the available text box and select the save icon. A new text box will appear that will allow you to enter another grade or department.


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