How do I Secure a Blog?

To secure a blog page, select Security Settings from the ezBlogger and the ezBlog Security pop-out window will appear.


With this feature you can set:

  • No Security Settings
  • Use LDAP Security
  • Use Database Security

“No Security Settings” is the default setting and is used if you have chosen “Make this blog public” and/ or “Open commenting allowed.”

“Use LDAP Security” requires setting up usernames and passwords by a Network Administrator. This is outside the scope of normal usage and will require the assistance of your Network Administrator and/or an ezTask technician.

By choosing “Use Database Security,” you can set up your own groups of allowed users. You can enter individual usernames and passwords manually, click on Apply, click on Security/Users and enter another account, and keep repeating until you have entered all of the accounts you wish to have. Or, you can enter a single username and password to be shared by a group of individual visitors (a class of students, for example). You can also create your own database of users by opening a Notepad, WordPad or other plain text application and entering a username, then a comma, then a password, then clicking Enter, enter another username and a comma and a password and repeating until you have entered usernames and passwords for the secure group you wish to create. Save the text file and upload it to your project by clicking “Upload Data File” from the Security/Users feature.

Finally, you can delete or suspend individual accounts by using the Action check boxes to the right of each User account. When you have finished managing your accounts, click Apply.


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