How do I Create a Photo Gallery?

Creating a photo gallery is a great way to showcase your students, customers, or community. The netStartClass v4.0 Photo Gallery module provides a set of easy-to-use tools to allow you to create a very nice gallery for your images.

Creating a Photo Gallery

  1. First, create a Photo Gallery webpage by clicking on "Add Pages to My Site" and selecting the Photo Gallery template.
  2. Select the web page name to begin editing your Photo Gallery

Adding Photos

  1. Select the Upload Images button to upload your images to your new gallery. You can select multiple photos at the same time by holding the Shift key on your keyboard and selecting your additional images.
  2. Select the upload button to upload your photos to your gallery. The photos will automatically be compressed for the web and by placed within a “photo gallery” group folder using the name of your gallery page. These images can be found within your File Manager.


Photo Gallery Features

  1. Notice that your photos now appear in the ezPhoto Gallery.
  2. You can change the layout of your Photo Gallery by simply clicking on one of the layout images.
  3. You can also set the transition speed that your gallery will auto-rotate
  4. You can add captions and hyperlinks to any one of the photos in your Photo Gallery



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