Create a Welcome Message

Customize the message your visitors will receive after successfully signing up to receive alerts, notifications, or any sort of communication through the ezTaskConnect™ platform.

Click here to download the illustrated version of this guide (PDF).

1. Navigate to your account dashboard by clicking the ezTask logo in the top left-hand corner.
Click the “New Project” dropdown menu and choose “ezTask 360”.

2. Click “Create Project”; enter a Project Name and click “Proceed to Editor”.
From the “Starting Points” tab, choose “Signup Form”; click and drag the Signup Form icon into the gridded area below.

3. In the modal window that appears, choose “Existing Form” from the “Project Type” dropdown menu. Choose the appropriate form from the “Link Existing Form” dropdown. Optional: edit Project Name; click “Create” when finished.
4. Choose “SMS Campaign” from the “Campaigns” tab. Drag the SMS Campaign icon into the gridded area below. In the modal window that appears, enter a Project Name (such as “Welcome Message”) and click “Create” when finished.
5. Drag the arrow icon from the Sign Up form icon to the SMS Campaign icon. A “link” will appear between the two icons (default name: “Signed Up”). Tip: create more space between icons by dragging icons around the gridded area.
6. Click the three-bar icon on the SMS Campaign icon; select “Start Setup Wizard”. A modal window will appear asking whether you want to save and proceed to content editing; choose “Save & Edit”.
7. Enter desired message contents into main text box field. Optional: add merge tags, such as name, to personalize the message. When finished, click “Next”, and then “Complete Project”.

8. You should be back in the ezTask 360 Editor (gridded view). From here, click “Next”, and then “Activate All or None”. In the modal window that appears, you may provide feedback about your experience creating a campaign, or simply close the window.

Note: From your ezTask 360 dashboard, you may notice the status of you project is “Waiting for Approval” for a short period of time. The approval process is part of every campaign going out of our system, designed to ensure content is not violating of our terms of use. This process is typically complete within 10 minutes of completing the project. If the campaign is time sensitive you can schedule the campaign ahead of time, which will in turn be approved ahead of time, once the time of the send is met it will start sending immediately.

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