Create and Send an Email Message (Legacy App)

This article is for the legacy version of our Email Campaign app inside of ezTaskConnect™. For the updated version, please click here

Click here to download an illustrated version of this guide (PDF).

1. Navigate to your account dashboard by clicking the ezTask logo in the top left-hand corner.

2. Click the “New Project” dropdown menu and choose “Email”.

3. Enter a Project Name (such as “Newsletter – DDMMYY”) and click “Next”.
4. Choose a Project Type (Simple Editor, Advanced HTML Editor, and Text Email are most common, depending on your goals and/or technical experience). Tip: click on a product type to view its description.
5. Begin composing your email message, utilizing features like “Test Send” and “Preview” to ensure formatting renders correctly, hyperlinks are working, etc.
6. When finished composing your message, click “Go to Schedule”. From here, you can Choose to “Send your campaign now” or “Schedule for a later time”.
7. Edit Subject, Sender Name, and other details. Optional: Enable Google Analytics to track the success of your campaign in your Google Dashboard. Finally, choose the appropriate recipient list, and then click “next”.
8. Click “Complete Project” to schedule (or send now), or “Save” to come back later and continue editing.
9. In the modal window that appears, you may provide feedback about your experience creating a campaign, or simply close the window.

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