Create and Send an Email (Updated Version)

This article is for the updated version of our Email Campaign app inside of ezTaskConnect™. For the legacy version, please click here

Click here to download an illustrated version of this guide (PDF).

1. Navigate to and click the "Applications" dropdown menu (next to ezTask icon, upper left corner).

2. In the Communication section (red), click "Email".

3. By default, you will be taken to the Email Dashboard view, which contains all of the emails you have sent or drafted using the new Email App (if you were previously using Email Classic, you may not have any emails in this section of your dashboard yet).
4. Click "Create Campaign", just under the "Email Dashboard" headline.

5. A "Create new Email Campaign" dialog box will appear. Enter an appropriate name for your campaign (such as "Newsletter – DDMMYY") and click "Create".

6. Next, you will be taken to a page with your Campaign Name in the upper left corner. Here you can choose to "Build Your Own" email from scratch, start with a "Pre-Built Template", or any "Saved Templates" you have created beforehand.
7. Simply click to select the best layout for your needs and click "Next" (bottom right) to continue.
8. Using our WYSIWYG editor, just point and click to edit your email. Make sure to review all of the sections in the right sidebar panel (you will see the option to add Custom CSS as well as a header or footer, etc).
9. When you have finished building your email to your satisfaction, click on the "Preview and Test" button. If everything looks good, send a test email to yourself as a final test (using the "Test Send" button in the upper right corner).
10. When finished, click "Next >" from the bottom right corner of the page.

11. You will now have the opportunity to enter all of the sending details for your campaign. When everything looks correct, click "Next >" at the bottom of the page to proceed.

12. Finally, you will have a chance to review the email campaign one final time. Please click the arrow next to each section title and ensure all details are correct. When you are ready to send your email (or queue an email scheduled for a later date), click "Complete >" (bottom right).

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